The Big Debate

Hmm, I am sitting here debating with myself whether I should take an extra shift or not tomorrow. There is one (in the writing moment) available tomorrow and it's only four hours. Plus since it's a red day I will get paid double. I'll get paid for eight hours when I only work four. Hmmm. Idk man, idk. I just don't know. I mean I was looking forward to having the day off. LOL. Not that I had anything planned or anything. Okay. I had plans. Lame plans. Can you even call this a plan? LOL, I was gonna go to the grocery store and get some show gel because I am almost out. (OMG that sounds super lame, I am such a looser). Hmmm, what to do what to do? Mostly I am debating this because I am kind of lazy and I am in one way whiting someone will book this shift so that I don't have to think about this anymore. Do I want more money? LOL. Of course I do! Duh! Stupid question. The question is how lazy am I. No it's not that I am lazy it's a combination of "Nah, I just don't feel like it" and it's not the most appealing job.

I really want to go to the movies this weekend! The Other Woman premieres in Sweden on Friday. Plus I have like 1000 gift cards at SF, so I will pay nada. Only if SF could release the screening times of that movie so I know which theaters will show it. I also really wanna see Bad Neighbors but the movie premieres on May 9th.

your writer, Erika


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