Hi beautifuls! How are you all today? I am fine. Good good. I only worked four hours today. Then I came home and ate dinner. It was nothing good on TV, on the regular channels so I flipped over to the movie channels. Life of Pi was on one of the channels. I have never seen it before. It was really good. What life to life. I mean what happened to him. I mean oh my God. I just, I mean, I can't really express myself better than that. Really good movie. Amazing! Deserved every single Oscar it got.

So it's Easter now. Do you celebrate it? A girl at work told me that she goes to this youth group at the church. They meet up every Thursday and talk and do things together. She says it's really fun and the the people are really cool. Today's meeting was kind like extra special since it's Maundy Thursday. It sounded really fun when she talked about. I kind of thought to myself why don't I do stuff like that. No, I have my things. I am not a totally boring person, am I?

Oh, yeah I just thought that I would say this. When the Hasselhoff season is over (of course I am talking about Hasselhoff - svensk talk show) I will be posting pictures from all of the tapings that i went to. I went to eight BTW. LOL, add the you your book of fun facts about me. Since it's Thursday I will share one picture from one of the tapings. Swedish singer Molly Sandén was a guest on one of the shows so of course I took a selfie with. Idk why but I was really nervous asking her. I am, not wearing any makeup (an other fun fact to add to your book).

your writer, Erika


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