One Less Problem Without You

Problem is out now! Buy Problem by Ariana Grande ft Iggy Azalea! Awesome song! Love it! It's totally my jam! No but seriously it's the kind of the only song that I have listened to all day. It's so freaking good! Download Problem from iTunes RIGHT NOW! Here is the link

So tonight was my last day at McDonalds. I am not too sad about it. It is what it is and it's not like it was my dream job and I just needed it to work there because without I wouldn't feel whole inside. No, it's not like that. I am not going to argue for my case on why I she should let me stay. Whatever. I am accepting it and moving on. What else can I really do? If she feels that I am not fit for the job, I mean, yeah she's the boss. I am just like, I got one less problem without you. Hahahaha.

Tomorrow I think that I will just work on my monologue that I was supposed to post like yesterday but obviously that didn't happen. I didn't even work on it. LOL. I didn't have time for it. Yeah, I am going to work on my monologue. Ooooo! Did I tell you guys that I was going to try and learn new accents? LOL, well I am going to try anyway and I have decided that I will try and learn a British accent before I head to London for the One Direction concert in June. Yup so before June 6th. LOL. That's my deadline.

Have a goodnight! Tell your friends to buy Problem on iTunes.

your writer, Erika


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