Power Through

Hi guys! How are you? I am good. Kind of sleepy. I can't do without coffee. I mean I had coffee around noon, yeah that was like 10 hours ago. I can't have coffee now. It's too late. I am not gonna yolo it, I have work tomorrow. Bläh! I don't feel like it. I say that all of the time, that "I don't feel like it" but when they ask me if I want to leave early I am always like "Nah". Hahahaha and the things is that they can't make me leave since it says on my schedule that I am supposed to be working those hours. Whatevs. I'll probably power through tomorrow because then it's just Monday, which is my last day at McDonalds. OMG! On Tuesday I am so having a mani/ pedi day. Yeah man!

Finally there are some good movies out! Plus I am really excited of the movies coming out this summer. Some of them have already premiered in the US. Yeah, idk why though some movies premiers a few months later in Sweden after they have premiered in the US. Whatever.

Talking about movies have you seen the trailer for Jason Segel's and Cameron Diaz's new movie Sex Tape. It's a comedy! It seems hilarious!

your writer, Erika


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