An Erika Kind of Night

Hi guys how are you? I am okay, just sitting here in my bed as usual and listening to Jason Derulo. Singing along as well. I am signing the "Jason Derulo" parts with a deep passion. LOL. Yeah, do everything very seriously. I am having so much fun here. I don't know how much my mom appreciates this though. LOL. She'll just have to keep up with it.

What are you doing right now? I am trying to do a header for a facebook group that I just became an admin of. Well we're four admin. It's a facebook group about Union J. LOL. That shit is hard! I mean making a header. Well, okay so my headers are never too elaborate. Just a picture of what the group is about and the groups name. The hard thing is just to find the right font. I want a good looking font that's  also easy to read but not too common. Easier said than done. Plus, it kind of has to describe the group what the group is about. FU! Right now I am just scrolling through dafont. You know, because they are awesome and have a ton to choose from. OMG. I am kind of feeling stuck here. If you know a good font please tell me.

Oh, yeah so I had an announcement. I was going to make a video but I never edited it because I didn't have time. Then I was going to tweet on my way home from work yesterday but I forgot so I just tell you here instead. I am going to start posting monologues again. At least twice a month, so every other week. Yeah! If you have a tip on a good monologue just tell me.

your writer, Erika


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