The Three Day Vacation: Day Three

Hello. Day Three. How are you guys? It's the last day of the three day vacation. LOL. But I don't start until 2:30 PM tomorrow so at least I get to sleep in and I get off at 8 PM. So, um yeah it's not that long. But lets not talk about work, 'cause hat boring.

So what have I accomplished today? Okay so I have mostly been home all day so it has not been a progressive day where I have done a bunch of things like written a novel, won an Oscar and a Nobel Peace price. Oh, don't forget about that Pulitzer. LOL. No. My day was more like I went to the grocery store. I forgot to buy something so my mom went back and bought it. the I remembered that I wanted to make walnut bread so I had to go back buy walnuts and walnut oil. I baked the bread. Oh, I cleaned the bench at the end of my bed (there was a bunch of junk on it that I have been meaning to sort out for months now). Oh yeah I watched a movie. I mean my day wasn't more exciting than that. It's not like I was bored so times it's good to just stay at home, watch a movie and kind of do nothing. LOL. That is basically what I do now a days when I have a day off.

OMG! I just found this site that is kind of like fresh tops but with a bunch more prints! OMG! they like plenty opt "Future Mrs…" t-shirt! I deffo want like "Future Mrs. Austin Mahone", "Future Mrs. Payne". The site is called Go and check it out!

your writer, Erika


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