The Gift

Hi guys! OMG! It's late. Hihihi I feel so bad because I said that I would announce something today, but tomorrow tomorrow. I am sorry but I kind of changed my mind about the whole thing. I mean what I wanted to do. Sorry, but tomorrow tomorrow.

I had kind of a good day today. I bought a new iPhone case which I am totally in love with! Marc by Marc Jabobs. I really like the Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone and laptop cases. I have a black case for my laptop which I bought at Nordstrom's when I was living in Santa Barbara. Now, it was really time for a new iPhone case and I really wanted something Marc Jacobs. I looked at Michael Kors too, but they only two different iPhone cases. Weird. So I bought a Marc by Marc Jacobs which what I originally wanted anyway. LOL. Then I remembered the Michael Kors store at Biblioteksgatan but whatever. I am totally in love with my iPhone case anyway. It's super gorgeous.

My mom surprised me with this cute little grey sweater today. She was like "I got something for you. Close your eyes." I thought that she was being ironic and was going to give me a news paper as a joke or something. It's cute, I like it. Thank you, mom.

your writer, Erika


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