Gotta Do My Time

Oh, I was supposed to say that I will post my first monologue next week. Don't know which day tough but it will be next week. Yeah?! Excited? LOL. I don't know what to do? I mean I have know this site with great female monologues (I am gonna check it out real quick). Plus one other thing, I have diced to try to learn accent. Because if I want to be an actress I should know how to do a few accent and if I don't become an actress it's always a fun party trick. I remember in one of my acting classes I took at SBCC that we had to do a Southern accent and since I am not good at accent I just didn't do it. I don't know if the teacher noticed because the whole class did it all at once. BTW I got an A in that class. Smarty pants.

OMG, I checked my scheduled earlier and I start half an hour earlier than I thought that I did. Argh! Don't want to. That's how I feel all of the time when I think about work and then when they ask me if I want to go home earlier, I always say no. Hahahaha.

I will catch up with you some more tomorrow. I have to get ready for bed now. I will be on twitter until I actually go to sleep, so tweet and we can have a chat. Or idk just follow me anyway because I am so freaking awesome. My twitter (in case you don't already know) is @erikaworld. (Pssst! I might follow you back if you follow me before I got to sleep.)

Ta ta!

your writer, Erika


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