Never Let You Down

Hi guys. I feel like all I do is talk about work. I mean with you guys. All I talk about with you guys is work. Whatever. Now you're gonna get more "work talk". LOL. So today at work I got super confused. So I was supposed to take orders and someone wanted to larder a McNip. I was think to myself "Like what the fuck is that?". I was super confused. I was about to tell the guy that we don't have something called a McNip, but I with he saw the confusion written on my face because the he pointed to the display screen above me. Then I kind of got more confused in a way because we indeed had a McNip but we also had two new menus. I was like "What the fuck is this?!". Not out loud of course, but in my head. I was just confused because I hadn't heard anything about it.

Have you heard Rita Ora's new single I Will Never Let You Down? I am not the biggest Rita fan. I think she is a fabulous singer. I like How We Do (Party) and R.I.P. (basically all the songs by her that I have heard) but I don't have her cd or anything but I really like her latest single. You should really check it out! I posted the music video yesterday, just click here in case you missed it then.

A still from the I Will Never Let You Down music video

your writer, Erika


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