In Progress

Hi guys how are you? I am good. I was really tired today at work. Today before lunch. I have no idea why. I was standing but the cash register and yawning. Not really the best way to act when you are supposed to greet costumers but I couldn't help it. LOL. Then I had lunch and I don't know but I guess I got some energy from the food because I wasn't the tired anymore. I mean I wasn't yawning anymore. LOL. My boss changed changed my shift for tomorrow. Instead of working 7 PM to 11 PM I work from 10:30 AM to 7 PM. At first I hesitated because it's a much longer shift but it's just nicer to get off work earlier.

Oh so I sad (may it was last week) that I was going to try to do some new things for this blog. Tough I haven't come up with much yet, so everything is still in progress. I have decided, tough, that I will try do more things for this blog. I mean like more exciting stuff that is more fun for you guys to read about and more fun for me to blog about. Plus I will try to do at least one new thing each week. No that one will be hard, I just now it. But I think it's good to have those goals for yourself. I mean because  can challenge myself and that is important to do to evolve as a person/ human being. So, that being said I will start this week (oh, God what have I gotten myself into). This weekend to be more exact. Don't know what this new thing will be, but we'll see.

Until tomorrow, take care!

your writer, Erika


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