Loving You Is Easy

Hola! How are you guys today!? I am good. I sat and just watched videos on youtube of Union J from the X Factor days. Plus I watched some videos of them before X Factor. Like I just clicked on one and then I saw another one that I just had to watch and then another one and so on and so on. LOL. I haven't done that in a while. I mean watch youtube videos like that. That's really not my thing. OMG, before I went to work this morning I watch a video of when they were told that were going through from the judges houses. OMG, like seriously I started crying a little bit. That was nerve wrecking even though I know that they were gonna go through, but still tough.

I NEED Jason Derulo's album Tattoos! I want the deluxe version tough. I am so confused tough because he jus released his album Talk Dirty in the United States so I tried to find it here in Sweden but like in Europe it's the deluxe version of Tattoos. It's just called Tattoos from what I can see. Plus I don't think that Tattoos was even released in the US, it's just Talk Dirty. Idk, not the biggest Jason Derulo fan. He makes awesome music, yeah I am definitely a fan but not like Directioner style. You get what I am saying right.

your writer, Erika


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