None of Your Beeswax

Hi guys. So I am sitting here doing my usual beeswax, looking at bikinis because summer is almost here or at least the weather the last few days has fooled me to believe so. Whatever, I am looking at bikinis. H&M, actually and not my usual Victoria's Secret. I saw some cute bikini at H&M the other day and thought that I would just look at them on the website but as usual when I see something cute in sore they never have it online. Typical H&M (still in love with them). I mean, I think (maybe it's just me or, idk tell me) that everything they have in store should be available online. Yes, it would be a lot and very cluttered but still it would make it easier. I just think that it would. I am just annoyed.

Anyways I did find one bikini on their website that I do like. But the model, doesn't she kind of look like Erin Heatherton? It's not her (?), but I know that she has modeled for H&M in the past. I really like the bikini, hopefully it looks as great irl as it does on my computer screen. I have to go shopping some day. Truth to be told I can't remember the last time I bought new clothes, socks and underwear doesn't count. I mean like a t-shirt, pants. You know something like that.

The bikini from H&M that I like

Erin Heatherton at the New York premiere of the The Lucky One back in April 2012

your writer, Erika


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