I Dreamed a Dream

Hi guys. I feel like I have done none of the things that I said that was going to do today. Hmmm. LOL.  Eh, tomorrow is another day.

LOL. I had this weird dream the other night. Tanner Zagarino was in it. It was like a super weird dream. I really don't know who to explain it. Because we were at like this restaurant. I mean not together, like he was with his family and I was with mine. Anyway (now I am not sure that I remember it correctly but I will tell this story anyway), so like we started talking some how. I was telling him that I am going to move back to California so we should hang out and that we should switch phone numbers so that we could stay in touch. Somewhere in this dream the skin on my arms started burning for some reason and so I had to go to this little cottage that was on the other side of some bridge that was just out side the restaurant. Some guy that I know in real life from when I was little started followed me there. Then while I was in the cottage I saw out the window that Tanner was walking toward the the little house to see how I was I guess. Then this older man told Tanner that I needed something (whatever, don't know) for my skin. IDK, then we were back at the restaurant (Tanner and I, with out respective families). Then it was all of the sudden a movie. Like they were shooting it and it was in Venice, Italy but still at this original restaurant. Hahaha. Like I was supposed to sit still and do what I was supposed to do but I got bored just sitting on my chair so I went and talked to Tanner instead. 'Cause that was more fun and we were gonna be super buds when I moved back to California. Anyway, then I walked outside and this bus kind of came and went on this platform the rose from the water and the went up in the air like a rocket or something. I have no idea. I don't even know what Tanner did I my dream. LOL.

OMG that is a huge block of text! Hahahahaha. It was just a weird dream. What the fuck? Tanner Zagarino? I mean, I would not say that I am like fan or anything. I follow him on instagram (and twitter? not sure), but like hmmm. Hahaha. He's cool. He stars at Alli Simpson's bf in her music video for Notice Me. But I think that everyone know that by know. I am just saying watch out he is going to be HUGE in a few years. He's a model and a really good one as well. LOL.

your writer, Erika


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