Shopping Day

Hi guys! I went shopping today, but they didn't have that gray jacket that I wanted at JC. Stinsen is a small mall. It was so dead there today. Anyways, I bought a new bikini and a pair of black slippers. Remember like a week and a half ago when I did this post about bikinis? Yeah, anyway there was this bikini that I wanted to show you but they didn't have it on the website. Anyway, long story short it's the bikini that I bought today. I got a gift card from H&M for shopping there today. Okay it's only worth 50 kr and I can only use it between May 2nd and May 11th but it's still 50 kr at H&M. I won't say no to that.

your writer, Erika

.p.s. In other news the Where We Are Tour starts today!


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