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Stressed Out

Hi peeps! How are you doing? I am feeling a little stressed because I have so much to do this week. The stress just hit me today. I mean, I was going to in to the city because I was going shopping and then when I was on the train this feeling of having to forget to lock the front door just hit me. I mean I couldn't remember doing it because I was kind of stressed when I walked outside. But I kept telling myself that I did lock the door because I always do, I mean who doesn't lock their front door? I mean it is just insane not to! Yeah, so anyway, I couldn't shake that feeling because I couldn't remember if had locked the door or not but I went on with my business because I know that I always lock the door. I hurried through my shopping because I knew what I was getting (though I forgot one thing) and went back home and yes, all the worry for nothing, the door was locked. Hahahaha, I should trust myself a little more. Then I went on with my errands.

The other things tha…

A Household Name

Hi so I am back after a day off. LOL, no I went to a party last night. My friend Linda just got her drivers license so she decided to have a party because she was so happy. She was like "Dayum, bitch I just got my drivers license so Imma throw a party 'cause no one can tell me what to do now!" Hahahaha, not those exact words but she was really happy so she wanted to throw a party which she did. Congrats girl!

Today I went to Gröna Lund because they are celebrating 130 years to they had this offer today that if you had Gröna kortet you would get in for free and get on all of the rides for free. if you didn't have Gröna kortet you just had to pay 130 kr. That's a pretty good deal! Otherwise the admission is 100 kr and an all day pass for the rides costs 310 kr. I mean, I have Gröna kortet so it was like why not. I mean like why not, right? I ran in to two girls that met when I tried to find Conor Maynard when he was in Stockholm last week and I also ran in to a an …

Partaj Was Here

It's Friday! Yeahum! Hahaha. Today on set I was thinking how good it feels that it is Friday and a weekend but what does that really matters when I have so much free time during the weeks? Like everyday is a weekend for my. Kind of, basically. Hahaha. Well, kinda yeah that's how it is.

I had fun on set today. Today's scene was very funny! I hope that this makes the final cut because I can't wait to see it on TV. I mean it was very dramatic! More dramatic than it has ever been! Plus today's scene was the funniest scene that we have ever shoot. I had to tell myself not to laugh. Like I mean the lines were just so weird and just weirdly weird. You have to watch Partaj on kanal5 (or when it premieres next Sunday. I am definitely watching! It's getting more and more fun to shoot Partaj now because now I know the other extras. You feel more comfortable together as a group and so it is easier to talk to everyone.

I have some other TV jobs lined up so, y…


You know what I did tonight? I mean not that I did anything special. I went to that Shopping Night in Sollentuna Centrum today. I bought that fleece I was talking about (I mentioned it last night right? Anyway). They were giving out goodie bags. It was mostly free sample's of things. I rented Star Trek: Into Darkness at Hemmakväll and that movie was awesome! I totally loved it. I mean I have never liked Star Trek since the Star Trek movie from 2009 (OH MY GOD has it really been four years since the last one?! OH MY GOD, I am old) premiered. I mean I didn't see when it premiered, I saw it on TV. I mean it was Star Trek so my natural instinct was "Ewww", you get that right. But the it was on TV and it was nothing better on and I was too lazy to change the channel so I was like why not (I mean when you have watched the first 20 minutes you can just as well continue to watch the rest of the movie). Right, so I did then and now have seen Into Drakness too and I just love …

Party For Partaj

Hello! Watcha doin'? Having a lovely eve/ afternoon/ morning (depending on what the time is wherever you are, or when you are reading this)? You know what I am actually excited for next Sunday! Why you ask? Hahaha (Erika and her third person perspective and assuming that people ask questions when only says half of everything? Like who the hell does she think she is? RIGHT?!). It's the season premiere of Partaj! Yeah! Like, I don't really know which episodes the sketch is going to be on and how much I am actually going to be in it. I mean I have been on set for every episode that they have shot of this sketch. That's assuming that they haven't shot anything before the first episode that I was in. Anyway! I am going to party because it's the first episode. Party all by myself because it is on a Sunday and most people have school or work on Monday. Buuuuuuuuuu! Hahahaha. Anyway's I am going to watch. Even though I have worked a lot and am in this sketch, I act…


This week is this week. Hahahaha, whatever I mean with that? I don't even know what I mean. Yesterday I was on an extra on Partaj, today kinda had nothing special planned and tomorrow I am going shopping with Linda. I am in bad need of some new make up. You know what I want? A faux fur hat. You know a faux fur hat that looks like a bear a some kind of animal. I think that would be really cute! Don't you think? I saw one at Accessorize yesterday but it was a children's size so it was a little samll for my head. I mean I can wear it but it gets really cold, I will get super duper cold. Hahaha. We all know how cold a Swedish winter can be and how chaotic it can be.

Gosh, I don't want snow. OMG, talking about snow a girl in SWD posted today that it was snowing in her hometown, she lives in Kiruna which is in northern part of Sweden. Okay I get it Kiruna but still no! It's September, we are supposed to enjoy the color of the leaves changing and not snow. Leave the snow …

Cher Lloyd - I Wish ft. T.I.

It Comes With a Price

Today has been a fun day on the set of Partaj. We shot scenes outdoors and inside but it was more fun inside. No, outside because then we got to do more but it was cold even though wore a thick sweater and a hat and mittens. Yep, it's the that time of the year when you just can't go outside with just a cute dress and slipper and thinking that you don't need anything else. You better start to coat up! Hahaha.

Anyways I meet so really cute and sweet kids today. 'Cause after lunch we shot at this youth recreation center and of course the kids were curious about what we were doing. They were asking a lot of questions. It was so cute. All of the sudden they were like screaming and saying that they needed our autographs. It was so funny, they all ran and got penn and paper. It was so cute so they made me and some other extras write our autographs. Hahaha, I guess that's a part of being a TV show. It's funny because we are jus extras but I guess it's cool for them…

What I Want. What I Need.

So tomorrow I am shooting another episode of Partaj. I mean another sketch. It's the same sketch as before but just another episode of it, that's what I meant with "another episode of Partaj". Got it? Anyway, I can't wait and believe it will be just as fun as it has been before. Tomorrow I don't have to be on set until 10:30 AM which means that I get to sleep in a little bit. I feel like after the week that I have I need to sleep. "Stalking" a celebrity takes alot out of you. Always, checking their twitter, facebook, instagram. All that social media. Hahahaha, which is good though because if I never would have done that I would have never met them. Which I am really thankful for!

I actually worked today too. On a Sunday. No Sunday, funday here. No lazy Sunday. Hahaha. Well, at least I earned some money. Which is going to well spent, like on that cute little box bag from TOPSHOP. Mohaha. Plus I need some new makeup. I am in bad need of new makeup. I …

Fall Favorites

Thought I miss Jack, Conor and Abe incredibly much I am, I mean I want to bog about fashion today. Like my fall favorites. I have been wanting to all week but I have been to busy observing a few other people. Like um yeah, you know. It's been an incredibly fun week and I miss them so bad and because I have spent so much of my time on them I don't know what to do now. My life feels so empty without them but Conor's words is still echoing in my mind "Hopefully I'll come back to Sweden soon and do a show!" Like he was walking away from us and turned around and said that. Aww he is so sweet! And Jack, like when I asked for a hug and to take a picture with him, what he said also echoes in my head. He just smiled at me and reach out his arms and said "I thought you'd never ask!" Like I can't handle it, almost. Like he is so sweet! They are so sweet! Like their parents do have magical genes! Like how else can Jack and Conor have turned out so amazi…

A Mayniacs Paradise

I gotta say that my Friday night (well the whole day actually) has been pretty successful! I accomplished something that I have been trying do all week. I met one of my biggest idols, Conor Maynard! Plus his girlfriend Victoria Tansey and his brother Jack (who I am also a fan of) and Jack's friend Abe Garman. I met them all at Arlanda Airport. I took a chance from a tweet I saw yesterday and just went for it. This girl who met Conor and Jack at the studio which have been recording at all week  tweeted that she had been in contact with a guy who works with Conor and he had told her that their flight would be leaving at around 9 PM. So, I check Arlanda's website and the only flight (the last flight of the day to London) was departing at 9:05 PM. So, I thought that it had to be that one because there was this other flight that was leaving at 8:50 PM (which is around 9 PM) but it was a Norwegian flight at they don't have first class and the planes are kind of small, and yeah. …

Mayniac Problems

Hi guys. So I was wrong about which hotel they were staying at but it doesn't matter because I found out which hotel it was. I wasn't that off because it was a Best Western hotel. Well, well. Alice (who has been helping me stalk Jack, Abe and Conor all week have) and I met a some girls that met Jack and Abe outside their hotel and they said that Jack said Conor and Victoria are staying at this other hotel that is not far from T Centralen. Now I am really unsure of if I should go to Arlanda tomorrow or if I should wait outside their hotel tomorrow. Like what to do here? They only thing I know for sure is Jack and Abe's hotel. I mean yes Jack told these other girl which hotel Conor is staying at but he could be lying or they could be lying. They seemed really friendly so I don't think so because before we all went home. We all went to the other hotel where Conor is supposedly staying at. So I am like fingers crossed.

My whole life has been dedicated to Conor, Jack and Ab…

A Mayniac's Luck

So, I may have found out where Jack, Abe and Conor are. All with the help of little Jack Maynard. LOL. It was kind of annoying at first because I was in town and then I decided to go home because none of them was tweeting or instagraming anything about where they were or what they were doing. Then like when I had been home for about an hour Jack decided to post a videon on instagram where he scared a man at a bus shelter. From the video I could tell that he was at Kungsgatan but then I second guess myself because I was unsure if Kungsgatan (that "strip" between Sveavägen and Birger Jarlsgatan) had any bus stops with a bus shelter. So I googled and google street view confirmed that outside of Panduro they indeed do have bus shelters and that he was walking on the Panduro side and not outside of Marion's Gastro Diner. Woop woop. I am such a detective. I like this whole observing thing. Hahahaha.

Jack later tweeted that he and Abe was walking around and had no idea where th…

No Luck. That Sucks.

Another day of none successful stalking. Hmmm. I want to meet them so bad. I don't just want to meet Conor,  want to meet Jack and Abe too. Hopefully I will. Jack tweeted a friend earlier today that he will go back to home on England on Friday, so I don't know if I should just chill tomorrow and on Thursday and then just go at it on Friday. I mean I am already planning on getting up early to get to Arlanda early to be there all day until I meet them. The most annoying thing about that whole thing is that I don't know which flight they are taking, I mean which airline they are flying with and British Airways has changed from terminal 5 to terminal 2 but SAS and Norwegian are flying to London from terminal 5. So you see my problem? I have to run back and forth! According to Arlanda's website it takes about 14 minutes to get from terminal 5 to terminal 2. Hmmm. I have to ask my fellow Mayniacs because I HAVE TO MEET THEM! I just have to.

I went to the city "early&quo…

All Day Like a Mayniac

Hi everybody! How are you? Feeling well? I have a cold so it feels like my eyes is constantly running and I constantly have to blow my nose. It's annoying but I am dealing with it  ("dealing with it" WTF, it sounds like I am going through something really hard, though and emotionally draining - more emotionally draining then a cold anyway). I looked at myself in the mirror this morning when I woke up and I looked really pale and sick. Gosh, I need some of that California sun. Hahaha but that I thought to myself that or wished that my makeup would pull me up and not make me so boring looking. I don't know, I hope that it made me look more alive.

Today was the last day of shooting Partaj. Sad in a way because I liked doing. They only needed me for half of the day. So annoying when one of the assistants told me that I was done for the day because I had just changed to my costume. Yeah yeah. Then I was like what am I going to do now that I have the whole afternoon off. S…

Union J - Beautiful Life

Mayniac Gone Crazy

WTF!? I was going to watch the latest episode of Americas Next Top Model but then I found out that Conor Maynard is in Stockholm right now and now I am too excited (aka in stalker mode) to concentrate on watching ANTM. What is Conor doing here? Like why didn't I know that because I would have had been at Arlanda waiting for him! I would have. Hmmm, maybe I need to hang out at Arlanda more often just in case you know. Just in case. I am freaking out here, like what is my baby doing in my hometown! What are you doing here Conor?! What are you trying to pull, babe? Tweeting some like that and letting me now why? That is just rude! Like I am freaking out here I need to find out why! Why baby why? Come on hun tell me what you are doing here?

I was talking to Åsa in the living room and went back to my room to check my phone and saw that I had a few message's on facebook from a friend who seemed to be freaking out about Conor. She said that he was in Stockholm, which got me confused …

The Day Off

You know what I have actually really enjoyed having this day off. I mean I have worked so hard this past few days that it has actually been fun (I wanna use a different word but I can't think of an other adjective) just to relax. Hahaha, I haven't really been relaxing per se (don't know if I used that correctly). OMG, I feel like my next sentence is about to come off as really douchy but okay um. I has been fun to do regular things. Hahahaha. The things I normally hate doing because it is the only things that I do all day everyday. I mean then when it its the only thing that I do it's not fun. Okay it hasn't been fun but okay, I don't what I am talking about. Today has been relaxing just leave it at that.
Okay, yeah I haven't sat on my ass doing nothing all day long. I have been organizing as much as I can in my room. Especially in my, well mostly, um, only in my closet. I had to move the shelves up and down a few times to make things fit and to make it loo…

Coming To an End

Today was another good day on set. The director high fived me this morning. He said something about doing a good job yesterday. There was an other actor on the show today. His character has been on set everyday but then an extras has acted as a stand in for that character. Anyway, the new actor was really nice. The first scene that we shot this morning I had to stand next to him and he introduced himself. I thought that was really cool. I mean I really don't know what to expect when I am on set doing this kind of stuff since I don't have a lot of experience of this sort of thing but so far Partaj has been a really great experience. Sad thought that Monday is the last day of shooting! I will miss it.

I was talking to some of the other extras on set today and we got talking about Top Model and one of the girl said that she actually got on the show. Top Model Sverige (Sweden's Next Top Model) that'd be. I asked her which season and she said the last season that aired this…


Hi hi, I just wanna make a quick check in because I wanna try to go to bed early because I have to get up early. An other day of shooting Partaj tomorrow. I love it, I have a ton of fun. Yes we work long days and never know when we will get to go home for the day. We only know when we have to be on location but it is fun and I like doing this. I hope that I get to do more of this in the future. I like how we all get along, the crew, the extras and the actors all together. No one is snobby or a diva. Well, there was this one girl, an extra, today who was kind of a diva. She didn't want to wear what she was given because she thought it was disgusting wearing someone else's clothes (!?). Then why did she apply for this job, if all she was going to to all day was complaining because she complained a lot yesterday too.

Sometimes I can get annoyed by how certain celebrities don't tweet for days or not update their instagram for days at a time but I understand them now because th…

Showbiz Girl

Hi guys! Today has been a long long day. Yeah! I was an extra on a Swedish TV show called Partaj (it's kind of like a Swedish version on SNL), so I got up at 5:30 AM because I had to be on set at 8 AM  and we didn't even wrap until 6 PM. 10 hours, but for showbiz that isn't a lot. But tomorrow I don't have to be on set until 8:45 AM which means that I can sleep until 6 AM. I hope that I can sleep tonight because I feel like I didn't get much last night. I don't know why but it was really hard to try to fall asleep at 10 PM when I usually go to sleep at about 0:30 AM. Yeah yeah, I don't mid getting up early because I am actually working and doing something that I enjoy doing and I can't wait to see how it all comes together.

I am shooting tomorrow, on Friday and on Monday again but I hope that we finish early enough on Friday so that I can be home in time for the premiere of Teen Beach Movie at 6:30 PM on Disney Channel. Okay, yeah I want to see that mov…

Cody's Girl

Hihihi, I changed my bio on twitter. I just wanted something that said, I don't know I wanted but I changed it from "Yes, I am a fangirl! I am mentally dating 10 celebrities that have no idea that I exist #fangirlproblems Instagram: @eriikaworld" to "@CodySimpon followed me on 9/9-2013 at 1:51 AM CET | Instagram: @eriikaworld". Hahaha, so now every new person that checks my twitter bio knows that Cody Simpson follows me. Hihihi! I see a people on twitter that write stuff like that in their bio's, so I am just following the stream.

I still think that it is funny that I had this feeling that Cody was going to follow me and then he did. 'Cause I had the feeling right before I went to bed and that was like an half hour or so before he actually followed. Hahaha, I guess I might sound slightly crazy but I just think that it is funny that I had that feeling about him. Hihihi. It still means so much to me that he follows me. Like, I love his music (he's a f…

My Gentleman

I was about to write something other then this amazing thing that I am about to tell you, 'cause I am still in shock about that! I can't believe it finally happened to me. I am so excited, I have been waiting for this moment for three years now and, wow, finally my wish came true. Okay, I'll tell you what the amazing thing is! Cody Simpson is following me on twitter! The one and only Cody Simpson pushed my follow button on twitter. Like ASJHSLDGDGHDSHG I can't function right now. OMG, so glad that I was home alone this morning when I saw the he has started following me. I fangirled hard H-A-R-D for a good 10 minutes. I mean I couldn't believe it so like every time I looked at my phone I just started screaming again. I just, I mean, I, I couldn't just calm myself down. Like this just made my life. It fulfilled my day! The best part about Cody following me on twitter is that he now knows that I exist.

Last night was really amazing 'cause Cody was performing a…


Woop woop! I am sitting here and listening to DJ Tay James new mixtape that he released today. Get it! You should get it because Wait A Minute with Justin Bieber feat. Tyga is on it plus Lolly with Maejor Ali feat. Justin Bieber feat. Juicy J is also on! And you know what? It's free! It's a mix tape dude and mix tapes are free! Download it here! Woop woop. Hahaha! Download it.

OMG! Guess what I did today (hahaha if you follow me on twitter and instagram you already know) I went to Starbucks at Arlanda! OMG best decision of the weekend. Hahahaha. Oh, I have missed you Starbucks Coffee! Seriously though I have, it's so delicious though. I ordered a white caffe mocha with whipped cream on top, yum. It was like heaven in a cup. They had cups with Stockholm and Sweden written on them. I like those cups better than the Los Angeles cups, I mean they look better. The only "bad" thing about Starbucks in Sweden is that it is "expensive". Well, compared to in the …

It's a Wonderful World

Like hello! How sexy isn't Justin's voice in Wait A Minute! Well, he's always sexy so that isn't a fair statement. He can just stand there and to nothing and people everywhere will be fall over because they can't handle his hotness, I mean sexyness. Hahaha. BTW when Justin was here in April (he was here for three days, three concerts, three days in a row) he went to a night club called Rose where DJTayJames DJ'ed and that was the place where he played Wait A Minute for the first time! Seriously though lets get serious, "And October is #NewMusic", does this mean that we are finally going to get to hear Heartbreaker? Like c'mon Justin you are killing me here! Hello dude! Oooh! Both 1D and Justin are doing so much this year, I mean they are releasing so many new thing. Okay, Conor and Cody are too. Cody just released his seconded album and he has a book which is released October 22nd. Conor also has new music and a new book which is released released…

Justin Bieber - Wait A Minute ft. Tyga

Cody Simpson - Pretty Brown Eyes Remix ft. iSH

New Things

Today I have been to Sollentuna Centrum because I wanted to try the new greek fro-yo place. It was good and not as expensive as I thought. I tried all of the flavors and they were okay. I prefer the froyo place in Gallerian but Chill Box is okay. I think I tried Yoghurtland once when I was in Santa Barbara, don't ask me why, 'cause I don't know. I tried Pinkberry once but that was just because I thought that the ice cream was too sweet. Too sweet I almost couldn't finish it. But I think I found it too sweet because that weekend I had too many sweet things but I was like determined to try Pinkberry that day so it was just that I had to many sweets. I will try Pinkberry when I go back to United States (whenever that is).

Today I found out that Marvel's Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. is coming to Stockholm next weekend to shoot some scenes. That is pretty cool. I watch the trailer for the show and it seems kind of exciting, I am definitely tuning in on the 24th to watch the s…

Zendaya - Bottle You Up

La Da Dee

So I redid my nails 'cause I was so not pleased with how I did them last night. Hmm. Also never a high bun again. My hair just looks messy. Never again until I can figure out how to do it better, do it so that my hair won't look so messy. Hmm. Maybe, maybe, this is just a thought, I should do it while my hair is wet and not after I tried to curl my bangs and deiced that I didn't like it and that it would take too long to do my whole hair. Hmm. I mean those rare times when I deiced straighten my hair it takes a minimum of 40 minutes. I just feel like that is too much of my time. I am impatient like that. Well, if I had a hairdresser who came and did my hair every morning and that took 40 minutes I wouldn't complain. It is just annoying when you have to do it yourself. Hahaha, weird isn't it? I mean if I have to do my own hair for 40 minutes I just don't have time for that but if someone else does it for me I can suddenly spare some time for it.

OMG! I was watchi…

Rainy Day

So I was thinking earlier about what I wrote yesterday and surely I can suck it up for one semester because so that I can go and see One Direction. Hmm or maybe I should just try New York. Mohahaha! I don't know, NYC seems like a lovely city. Seems, since I don't know. Hmmmm.

I just did my nails. Well, I did them started this post, "spaced out" (aka got distracted by something else). Anyway, what I wanted to say is is that I do not like the result so tomorrow night I will redo them. I have to buy new nail polish remover tomorrow 'cause I don't like the one that I do have. Why can't they have CVS in Sweden or at least sell CVS's own brand here? Hmmm. I used their nail polish remover when I lived in SB and I liked it. Hahaha, the one that I have now is some cheap brand that I bought at Inn och Finn (like the 99 cent store, it's cheap but not just 99 cent cheap, lets just say that it cheaper, okay). Never buying that again, I can tell you that. Hmm, …

Kim Cesarion - X

Awake All Night

That's it! Fuck it's cold! September 3rd and I am feeling like I am going to freeze to death! No joke! Fall weather is so fucking unpredictable! Like this morning it was pleasant, well it was not to cold anyway. This afternoon it was hot. Like it was to hot with pants, so I would have had said yes to a dress. Hahaha. Now, at around 11 PM I am freezing to death. OMG! it shouldn't be like this. NO! NO way! Like I am sitting here in my UCLA sweat pants and my 1D hoddie, plus I am wearing three pairs of socks. My feet are always cold so that's really not an excuse, but the problem is that I am cold. Freezing to death cold! Aaaaah! I almost can't take this anymore.

I have been thinking weather I should go back to school or just whatever I should do. Like it's hard! I do and I don't but I also think that education is important. But it's like I don't want to go to school in Sweden because there aren't any fun schools, or I mean any schools that offer a…

Cody's Angel

I am sitting here and listening to Cody Simpson. My God, he is a God! 16 years old and this is truly just so fucking amazing! I can't believe that I haven't got this album until now but I have it now. I bought off iTunes because it was the only place where I could find the deluxe version since Target don'y deliver outside of the U.S. (the problem of not living in America anymore, we might have to change that, hahahahaha). I want a physcial copy of the CD, preferably the deluxe version. Hmm, I guess I hve some internet stalking to do. I really don't care how many copies I'll have of that CD since Cody is so amazing and I'll go far to show my support for him! I should do a buy out, yeah!

I was thinking about it the other day and I have been a fan of Cody for about three years now. I remember hearing iYiYi feat Flo Rida on Radio Disney and just fell in love with the song and with Cody! I have probably seen some of his videos on youtube before that. I know I have s…

A Weekend with Anton

Hi guys so I hope that all you of you have had an amazing weekend so far! That you have enjoyed life end lived well. Or at least the best way you can. I have had an amazing weekend! No, I didn't go to the Selena Gomez concert. Stupid me, I should have bought tickets when they first went on sale but I am not devastated like when Bieber was here and I didn't have tickets (but fortunately I had already seen him in LA on the Believe Tour and the show was longer than the European show). No, I mean I had an awesome weekend because I got to meet Anton twice and plus I felt that I could talk in a normal voice around him and act quiet normal. Hahaha, I wonder if he thought so too or just saw me as another crazy fan. Well well.

Yesterday I went to Anton's signing in Väsby Centrum. Which was quiet awesome that it was in Väsby since I live not that far from Väsby. I usually have to travel like an hour with public transportation to get to wherever he has a signing but yesterday only fo…