A Mayniac's Luck

So, I may have found out where Jack, Abe and Conor are. All with the help of little Jack Maynard. LOL. It was kind of annoying at first because I was in town and then I decided to go home because none of them was tweeting or instagraming anything about where they were or what they were doing. Then like when I had been home for about an hour Jack decided to post a videon on instagram where he scared a man at a bus shelter. From the video I could tell that he was at Kungsgatan but then I second guess myself because I was unsure if Kungsgatan (that "strip" between Sveavägen and Birger Jarlsgatan) had any bus stops with a bus shelter. So I googled and google street view confirmed that outside of Panduro they indeed do have bus shelters and that he was walking on the Panduro side and not outside of Marion's Gastro Diner. Woop woop. I am such a detective. I like this whole observing thing. Hahahaha.

Jack later tweeted that he and Abe was walking around and had no idea where they were (since they are not from Stockholm) but magically ended up at a studio. WHICH STUDIO? WHERE? MUSIC STUDIO? TV STUDIO? Uhuh, I want to know Jack. But I found two studios (I actually found more than two but two of all the ones that I found seemed relevant). One on Kungsgatan that is really near a McDonald's and one that is like seven minutes walking distance from the McDonald's at Sveavägen (know that one by Stadsbiblioteket). While I was looking up the studio near the McDonald's at Sveavägen I just saw a Best Western hotel close by so I just decided to look it up. I just got to say that that hotel looks a lot more alike the hotel that they are staying at (I mean what I can tell from what they have posted on instagram and twitter). I am not 100% sure and yes the pictures on the hotels' website look a little different but a hotel is never as nice as its pictures on their website. Just saying. OMFG, what if I am right?! What if I'll actually meet them tomorrow? What if! I will freak the freak out! Aaaaaaaaaaa! Do ya hear me scream?

your writer, Erika


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