A Weekend with Anton

Hi guys so I hope that all you of you have had an amazing weekend so far! That you have enjoyed life end lived well. Or at least the best way you can. I have had an amazing weekend! No, I didn't go to the Selena Gomez concert. Stupid me, I should have bought tickets when they first went on sale but I am not devastated like when Bieber was here and I didn't have tickets (but fortunately I had already seen him in LA on the Believe Tour and the show was longer than the European show). No, I mean I had an awesome weekend because I got to meet Anton twice and plus I felt that I could talk in a normal voice around him and act quiet normal. Hahaha, I wonder if he thought so too or just saw me as another crazy fan. Well well.

Yesterday I went to Anton's signing in Väsby Centrum. Which was quiet awesome that it was in Väsby since I live not that far from Väsby. I usually have to travel like an hour with public transportation to get to wherever he has a signing but yesterday only four minutes with the train! Holla! It was quiet awesome. He sang three songs. Begging, Human and Can't Hold Back. Can't Hold Back is my favorite  of his songs. He is just so sweet and awesome. He teased the fans about some things. He said that in the next few months he is going to release two new exciting things and that all he could say about it was close up. Hmmm. Like what could that mean? Well well.

I stood at the merchandise stand, what felt like forever 'cause I couldn't decide what to get but I finally decided on another tote. He has two tote's, one white and one black. I already have the black one from Nickelodeondagen so yesterday I got the white one. Tote's are always awesome! I want a 1D tote (hmm, have to look that up). I meet Naomi (another Ateamer that I usually meet at Anton Ewald events) and she asked Anton if she could get his Redbull (that he was drinking out of) when he was done with it. She asked me to ask him if I could get it first but I didn't dare to plus I just thought that it was a weird thing to ask. Well, she got the courage to ask him and as sweet as he is smiled at her and said of course. She completely died inside and had to walk away. Hahaha so cute! After ward when she got the empty Redbull I took a few pictures with it. Hahaha! All in all amazing day.

Anton's Redbull! YOLO :)

Today, yeah, I got to meet him again! So now I have met him seven times. Seven times, wow can you believe that. I have met Justin zero, 1D zero, Miley zero and the list continues with people whom I have met zero times. I just feel s lucky that i have met him so many times. Hahaha, it would be funny if I moved back to the US and he is this big star there and I can be like "Please, I have met him seven times!" Hahahah! It would be funny.

He sang the same songs today as he did yesterday. The great thing about today was that he gave away a little about the exciting things that he has coming up. One was that he as a new single called Close Up which is to be released soon and that he has a new ep, also out soon, hopefully by the end of this month. Yeah! BTW, his dad was there today. Hahaha.

Is it just me or does the guy interviewing Anton kind of look like Heikki Paasonen?

The amount of people who were there to see Anton

I met Amanda (a fellow Directioner and Ateamer) who I have met before at a few Anton Ewald events. So we hung out there together. It was fun to have someone to talk to, and not just stand there alone like nothing. We took the same bus and train back together. It was nice 'cause it's so boring sitting on the train for that long time. On the way to the signing I almost fell asleep. Nah, maybe not but I get tired.

Anyway, when it finally was my turn to meet Anton. I feel like I couldn't get some words out of my mouth but I hope everything made sense. He seem to have understood what I was saying to that is good. Hahaha. Well, yesterday I asked him if he was nervous about opening for Selena Gomez later that nigh but he said that he wasn't. Then he asked me if I was going and my heart just sank because I had to say not because I wasn't going. Well, well. So today I asked him about it about it. He said that he really enjoyed it but that he was really tired (good thing that he was drinking Redbull again today). I also asked him how he was, I just feel like that is a very sweet thing to ask. I want him to know that I care, you know. Amanda and I stayed until he left. While we were watching him meeting other fans Amanda yelled at him to wish his mom a happy birthday (it's his mother's 40th birthday today) from her and I. He looked at her and hooded. Yeah! I mean at least he heard what she said.

This little kid was so cute! She was so shy and kept hiding behind her mom. Awww!

Now I am just sitting here and enjoying what this weekend has brought me. He has another signing next weekend at Järfälla Festivalen so I am thinking about going there too. That will then be the eight time that I meet him. How about that!

your writer, Erika


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