La Da Dee

So I redid my nails 'cause I was so not pleased with how I did them last night. Hmm. Also never a high bun again. My hair just looks messy. Never again until I can figure out how to do it better, do it so that my hair won't look so messy. Hmm. Maybe, maybe, this is just a thought, I should do it while my hair is wet and not after I tried to curl my bangs and deiced that I didn't like it and that it would take too long to do my whole hair. Hmm. I mean those rare times when I deiced straighten my hair it takes a minimum of 40 minutes. I just feel like that is too much of my time. I am impatient like that. Well, if I had a hairdresser who came and did my hair every morning and that took 40 minutes I wouldn't complain. It is just annoying when you have to do it yourself. Hahaha, weird isn't it? I mean if I have to do my own hair for 40 minutes I just don't have time for that but if someone else does it for me I can suddenly spare some time for it.

OMG! I was watching episode 26 and 27 of The Paradise Series and ASJDHBDFKSJKL I just gotta say that he is so hot! Like OMG! I have always thought that Cody has been a hunk! I mean he is. Anyway, I took a few screen shots because he's so unbelievably hot but he's Australian and they are known to be irresistible! Cody really fits into that category! Name a ugly Australian I dare you. I mean yeah I don't think that Hugh Jackman is ASJGDJKLENFHBDS but he's not ugly just because I don't have that reaction about him.

I mean just look at him! He's just so freaking adorable, how can you resist him? Well, the last one is just AHDKJFLFSLSJ! Hahaha, all of the are but those sunglasses, that, hair, just him. Just him. He can just stand there and do nothing and he is still so perfect (aww, I remember when he only had three original songs released on his youtube channel, One, Perfect and iYiYi and I was like on the edge of my seat to hear new Cody music! Time just flies by when you are having fun!). LOL, I even made the last one my cover photo on twitter and my cover photo on facebook. I changed it from my beachy picture of feet in the water (on facebook) and Justin Bieber (on twitter).

your writer, Erika


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