It's a Wonderful World

Like hello! How sexy isn't Justin's voice in Wait A Minute! Well, he's always sexy so that isn't a fair statement. He can just stand there and to nothing and people everywhere will be fall over because they can't handle his hotness, I mean sexyness. Hahaha. BTW when Justin was here in April (he was here for three days, three concerts, three days in a row) he went to a night club called Rose where DJTayJames DJ'ed and that was the place where he played Wait A Minute for the first time! Seriously though lets get serious, "And October is #NewMusic", does this mean that we are finally going to get to hear Heartbreaker? Like c'mon Justin you are killing me here! Hello dude! Oooh! Both 1D and Justin are doing so much this year, I mean they are releasing so many new thing. Okay, Conor and Cody are too. Cody just released his seconded album and he has a book which is released October 22nd. Conor also has new music and a new book which is released released on October 10th. Justin and 1D each have so many new things coming up that it will be annoying to list them. I mean no not annoying, just that it will be a very long list.

I am both scared and excited for next week but it is what I want so yeah! I am like nervous excited, which has kind of turned into nervous scared. Hmm, I am like nervous excited and nervous scared at the same time but I'll now I'll have fun 'cause I always do. I don't want tot tell you yet what I am doing but I'll do so sometime next week. I am also hoping for another thing next week but you'll never know. But I mean there is nothing wrong with hoping for anything right? We all need a little hope! Hope is what keeps us going. I mean I guess, why else get out of bed in the morning if we are if we don't have any hope for something. Personally, without hope I don't seem the point of life. I have hope even if it is about the craziest things sometimes, I still wish, I still hope even thought I kind of know deep down that it well never come true. But that hope is deeper and that is why I still wish for these insane scenarios. I will never stop hoping and wishing because it is too wonderful inside my head.

your writer, Erika


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