I Want It All

OMG, finally starting this post! Hahaha. I got this Hannah Montana song stuck in my head and just had to listen to it and then, just because I mean memories of just that time when your whole world was Hannah Montana, High School Musical and you know all of that! I miss that! It's not that Disney Channel shows are bad now, 'cause I actually like Austin & Ally, Shake It Up, Good Luck Charlie, A.N.T. Farm and Jessie. I have to catch upon those show 'cause I haven't watched TV in like what feels like a million years. Hahaha what I do mean is ever since I moved to Åsa I don't follow TV shows on TV that much as I used to, I mostly watch shows on the internet instead. I watch TV, not just anything in particular more watch just to watch 'cause I am bored or something like that.

I took screen shots of my phone while I was listening to Hannah Montana and posted them in Swedish Beliebers and now I am having a trip down memory lane with some nice Beliebers! We are discussing Hannah Montana and HSM plus some other Disney shows and stuff that was popular around the same time. OMG, on January 20th next year it has gone eight years since the premiere of High School Musical and on March 26 it has been eight years since Hannah Montana! I can't believe it! I need to get my DVD so that I can watch HSM and Hannah Montana some day. Maybe have a marathon! Sounds like an awesome day. Just stay in bed and watch HSM and Hannah Montana, OMG I can't wait already! Anyone who wants to join me!

I miss just those times! Hannah Montana and all that! I was devastated when the show got canceled because it was my whole life! I remember when I turned 15. OMG! I saw this HSM cake at Coop that i really wanted for my birthday instead of a regular cake but my mom thought that it was a little expensive or something because she didn't want to buy it but then she changed her mind and told me that I could get it and I was so excited. Like you only turn 15 once! This year I, I mean for my 20th birthday I had a British themed birthday because if my love for 1D.

your writer, Erika


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