This week is this week. Hahahaha, whatever I mean with that? I don't even know what I mean. Yesterday I was on an extra on Partaj, today kinda had nothing special planned and tomorrow I am going shopping with Linda. I am in bad need of some new make up. You know what I want? A faux fur hat. You know a faux fur hat that looks like a bear a some kind of animal. I think that would be really cute! Don't you think? I saw one at Accessorize yesterday but it was a children's size so it was a little samll for my head. I mean I can wear it but it gets really cold, I will get super duper cold. Hahaha. We all know how cold a Swedish winter can be and how chaotic it can be.

Gosh, I don't want snow. OMG, talking about snow a girl in SWD posted today that it was snowing in her hometown, she lives in Kiruna which is in northern part of Sweden. Okay I get it Kiruna but still no! It's September, we are supposed to enjoy the color of the leaves changing and not snow. Leave the snow for November. OMG, no not snow now! Hahaha!

your writer, Erika


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