Cody's Girl

Hihihi, I changed my bio on twitter. I just wanted something that said, I don't know I wanted but I changed it from "Yes, I am a fangirl! I am mentally dating 10 celebrities that have no idea that I exist #fangirlproblems Instagram: @eriikaworld" to "@CodySimpon followed me on 9/9-2013 at 1:51 AM CET | Instagram: @eriikaworld". Hahaha, so now every new person that checks my twitter bio knows that Cody Simpson follows me. Hihihi! I see a people on twitter that write stuff like that in their bio's, so I am just following the stream.

I still think that it is funny that I had this feeling that Cody was going to follow me and then he did. 'Cause I had the feeling right before I went to bed and that was like an half hour or so before he actually followed. Hahaha, I guess I might sound slightly crazy but I just think that it is funny that I had that feeling about him. Hihihi. It still means so much to me that he follows me. Like, I love his music (he's a freaking genius) and I love him what more can I say.

your writer, Erika


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