Partaj Was Here

It's Friday! Yeahum! Hahaha. Today on set I was thinking how good it feels that it is Friday and a weekend but what does that really matters when I have so much free time during the weeks? Like everyday is a weekend for my. Kind of, basically. Hahaha. Well, kinda yeah that's how it is.

I had fun on set today. Today's scene was very funny! I hope that this makes the final cut because I can't wait to see it on TV. I mean it was very dramatic! More dramatic than it has ever been! Plus today's scene was the funniest scene that we have ever shoot. I had to tell myself not to laugh. Like I mean the lines were just so weird and just weirdly weird. You have to watch Partaj on kanal5 (or when it premieres next Sunday. I am definitely watching! It's getting more and more fun to shoot Partaj now because now I know the other extras. You feel more comfortable together as a group and so it is easier to talk to everyone.

I have some other TV jobs lined up so, yeah! Hahaha. I kinda feel like I am on a roll here, well, half a roll since I am only small jobs and not anything major. The only major thing that I have done is Partaj if you can even call that a major thing since I am only an extra on the show. But Partaj is a major TV show on Kanal5. This is the fourth season, so yeah it's been on for a few years. Anyway, like I feel like I want to be careful here and don't mess up this "half roll" that I got. Hahaha. I don't know, maybe I am just fooling myself to believe something that is not. But a wise man once said to "never say never".

your writer, Erika


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