The Day Off

You know what I have actually really enjoyed having this day off. I mean I have worked so hard this past few days that it has actually been fun (I wanna use a different word but I can't think of an other adjective) just to relax. Hahaha, I haven't really been relaxing per se (don't know if I used that correctly). OMG, I feel like my next sentence is about to come off as really douchy but okay um. I has been fun to do regular things. Hahahaha. The things I normally hate doing because it is the only things that I do all day everyday. I mean then when it its the only thing that I do it's not fun. Okay it hasn't been fun but okay, I don't what I am talking about. Today has been relaxing just leave it at that.

Okay, yeah I haven't sat on my ass doing nothing all day long. I have been organizing as much as I can in my room. Especially in my, well mostly, um, only in my closet. I had to move the shelves up and down a few times to make things fit and to make it look not too crowded. I have one problem like I need an other shelve for shoes. Like, um yeah, I have shoes on the two bottom shelves but I have three pairs of shoes that I don't know where to put because each shelve only fit six pairs of shoes. I have two pairs of shoes in the hallway because those are the pairs that I wear the most and I have 12 pairs of shoes in my closet but what about the other three that don't have a place? Hmm, they do fit in my wardrobe but it is in Alex room at the moment. Once I have moved the wardrobe in my room I will re-organize it and make room for the three lonely pairs in there. Sounds like a good idea to me.

The plans for tomorrow are the things I forgot to do today. Hahaha. I need to buy a new face mask from NIVEA. Like I only buy NIVEA's because NIVEA is the best. I mean I really like their face masks. Especially one, which name I don't I remember at the moment.

your writer, Erika


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