All Day Like a Mayniac

Hi everybody! How are you? Feeling well? I have a cold so it feels like my eyes is constantly running and I constantly have to blow my nose. It's annoying but I am dealing with it  ("dealing with it" WTF, it sounds like I am going through something really hard, though and emotionally draining - more emotionally draining then a cold anyway). I looked at myself in the mirror this morning when I woke up and I looked really pale and sick. Gosh, I need some of that California sun. Hahaha but that I thought to myself that or wished that my makeup would pull me up and not make me so boring looking. I don't know, I hope that it made me look more alive.

Today was the last day of shooting Partaj. Sad in a way because I liked doing. They only needed me for half of the day. So annoying when one of the assistants told me that I was done for the day because I had just changed to my costume. Yeah yeah. Then I was like what am I going to do now that I have the whole afternoon off. Should I go home or go to city and try to stalk Jack, Conor and Abe? Hmmm. The obvious decision is, if you know me, to stalk them of course! Hahaha, so I did. First I went to Hilton and there I met some other Mayniacs but we had no luck so we went to Plattan and then Gallerian. After that we walked to Radisson Blu near by T-Centralen after that we walked to Clarion Hotel Sign since it is so close by. Then we walked to Sheraton. No luck. Hmmm. Like I wonder what they are doing here? They seem to be here on a private trip. I mean 'cause otherwise it would be easier to find them. I don't know what I'll actually do if I meet them. Probably freak out. Hopefully I won't embarrasses myself.

your writer, Erika


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