My Gentleman

I was about to write something other then this amazing thing that I am about to tell you, 'cause I am still in shock about that! I can't believe it finally happened to me. I am so excited, I have been waiting for this moment for three years now and, wow, finally my wish came true. Okay, I'll tell you what the amazing thing is! Cody Simpson is following me on twitter! The one and only Cody Simpson pushed my follow button on twitter. Like ASJHSLDGDGHDSHG I can't function right now. OMG, so glad that I was home alone this morning when I saw the he has started following me. I fangirled hard H-A-R-D for a good 10 minutes. I mean I couldn't believe it so like every time I looked at my phone I just started screaming again. I just, I mean, I, I couldn't just calm myself down. Like this just made my life. It fulfilled my day! The best part about Cody following me on twitter is that he now knows that I exist.

Last night was really amazing 'cause Cody was performing at this radio station called Live95.5 in Portland, OR and they were streaming it live on the internet. First I wasn't going to watch it because, I was like "I want to go to sleep". I mean it was at 3:30 PM PST and that is 0:30 AM CET. So, I was like I want to sleep but then at 0:30 I was still up and I was like why not just watch the live stream until I am done everything and have put on my PJ's. But you know, Cody was performing and it was live, on the other side of the planet so I just thought that it was really cool that I could experience it all the way here in Sweden so I just kept watching. While I was watching tweeting about that I was watching it all the way from Sweden (and posting stuff in SB) and the official twitter for the radio station RT me. Woop woop plus this girl in Norway tweeting me that she was watching from Norway! That is so amazing. I wonder how many fans around the world was watching? I love it when Cody asked the crowd to be quiet and everyone got dead quiet just like that. Then he said "People don't usally get this quiet this fast. Someone's always screaming something in the back when it's this quiet. Don't get any ideas!", hahaha. I never dare to scream anything at a concert or so when it it dead quiet.

The funny thing about Cody following me on twitter. Like I didn't spam him or anything telling him to follow me, you can check my twitter @erikaworld if you don't believe me. Go ahead! Anyway, I mean yes I mentioned him in the three tweets about me watching the live stream from Sweden. Oh yeah, so anyway before I went to bed last night after the live stream I thought that he is probably following me now or is going to follow me so that when will wake up in the morning it will say that Cody Simpson follows me. I mean, the phone vibrated so I just got that feeling. I didn't check the phone because I thought that if I would see that Cody was following me I would be too excited to be able to sleep. Right so I just ignored it and went back to sleep. I just think that it it funny that I had that feeling and then it just happened! Just like that! Freaking amazing! 'Cause I check my emails and it said that I had a new follow @CodySimpson so I had to check twitter to be sure and it was in fact the real, the one and only Cody Simpson.

your writer, Erika


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