No Luck. That Sucks.

Another day of none successful stalking. Hmmm. I want to meet them so bad. I don't just want to meet Conor,  want to meet Jack and Abe too. Hopefully I will. Jack tweeted a friend earlier today that he will go back to home on England on Friday, so I don't know if I should just chill tomorrow and on Thursday and then just go at it on Friday. I mean I am already planning on getting up early to get to Arlanda early to be there all day until I meet them. The most annoying thing about that whole thing is that I don't know which flight they are taking, I mean which airline they are flying with and British Airways has changed from terminal 5 to terminal 2 but SAS and Norwegian are flying to London from terminal 5. So you see my problem? I have to run back and forth! According to Arlanda's website it takes about 14 minutes to get from terminal 5 to terminal 2. Hmmm. I have to ask my fellow Mayniacs because I HAVE TO MEET THEM! I just have to.

I went to the city "early" to maybe have get a chance to meet them incase they tweeted something. All Conor tweeted about was that he wanted to play GTA V really bad and Jack tweeted a few things. When Jack tweeted that he needed help with something at 5 PM, I thought that I might just go home and then be back at 5. I didn't know really what he meant, GMT or CET. So I thought that it would be better to be back at 5 PM CET just in case. Jack posted a video of him and Abe at some school in Sweden (don't know which school tough, frustrating, I think a high school or a university though). Anyeway, I met up with one of the girl who I stalked the boys with yesterday. So at 6 PM CET Jack and Abe (mostly Jack) had a twit cam. I am guessing that they were in there hotel room. It was so annoying because we would watch the twit cam on our phones so we got really frustrated. Then i had this brilliant idea that we should walk to Media Markt and just watch it on a computer in the store. Okay, yeah so we did so. First we tried a mac but the mac's there don't have Adobe Flash installed (frustrating). So we tried another computer, didn't have flash either. So finally we tried a windows 8 tablet and it worked! Jack was so cute! Someone asked him where in Stockholm he was and he said jokingly that he thought that was just one place and then someone asked him if he knew any swedish but he just said nej repeatedly. After that we went to a hotel that we thought that they might be staying at. We just stood there a while and it was raining and they didn't tweet anything so we gave up and went home. It is so typical because just as I got on the train Abe tweeted that they were filming something for Jack Says. Not where just that they were filming something. Typical and just now Jack tweeted that he and Abe are going out and wanted to know if anyone would join them and that drinks were on them. Tell me where and I'll be there!

your writer, Erika


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