You know what I did tonight? I mean not that I did anything special. I went to that Shopping Night in Sollentuna Centrum today. I bought that fleece I was talking about (I mentioned it last night right? Anyway). They were giving out goodie bags. It was mostly free sample's of things. I rented Star Trek: Into Darkness at Hemmakväll and that movie was awesome! I totally loved it. I mean I have never liked Star Trek since the Star Trek movie from 2009 (OH MY GOD has it really been four years since the last one?! OH MY GOD, I am old) premiered. I mean I didn't see when it premiered, I saw it on TV. I mean it was Star Trek so my natural instinct was "Ewww", you get that right. But the it was on TV and it was nothing better on and I was too lazy to change the channel so I was like why not (I mean when you have watched the first 20 minutes you can just as well continue to watch the rest of the movie). Right, so I did then and now have seen Into Drakness too and I just love them both. I mean Chris Pine, how can you turn that down? Hahaha. Pine nuts. LOL.

Tomorrow I have another day of shooting Partaj! Yeah (don't forget that it premies next Sunday at 9 PM on kanal 5)! I am happy that we are shooting at a location that is not far from where I live. I think that we are just shooting one scene tomorrow. That was what I was told this Monday when Tania asked if I was available tomorrow. I mean of course I am available. Partaj is always a party to shoot. Hahaha. Get it partaj, party. I am so funny. Hahaha, I am looking forward to tomorrow. I wonder what the scene is about that we are going to shoot? We never get to know that until we are actually on set. Well, sometimes so that is not entirely true. Sorry for that.

your writer, Erika


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