It Comes With a Price

Today has been a fun day on the set of Partaj. We shot scenes outdoors and inside but it was more fun inside. No, outside because then we got to do more but it was cold even though wore a thick sweater and a hat and mittens. Yep, it's the that time of the year when you just can't go outside with just a cute dress and slipper and thinking that you don't need anything else. You better start to coat up! Hahaha.

Anyways I meet so really cute and sweet kids today. 'Cause after lunch we shot at this youth recreation center and of course the kids were curious about what we were doing. They were asking a lot of questions. It was so cute. All of the sudden they were like screaming and saying that they needed our autographs. It was so funny, they all ran and got penn and paper. It was so cute so they made me and some other extras write our autographs. Hahaha, I guess that's a part of being a TV show. It's funny because we are jus extras but I guess it's cool for them. I took a picture with them just because no is otherwise ever going to believe this story.

Have you noticed that I changed the background of blog and the color theme? This is just temporary until I figure out what I want to do with the blog. I mean the theme and the back ground. I like this theme so I think that I'll keep it but I need a ned background, a new color theme and when I change that I'll probably change the fonts too. If you have any suggestions keep them coming, just comment below.



your writer, Erika


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