A Mayniacs Paradise

I gotta say that my Friday night (well the whole day actually) has been pretty successful! I accomplished something that I have been trying do all week. I met one of my biggest idols, Conor Maynard! Plus his girlfriend Victoria Tansey and his brother Jack (who I am also a fan of) and Jack's friend Abe Garman. I met them all at Arlanda Airport. I took a chance from a tweet I saw yesterday and just went for it. This girl who met Conor and Jack at the studio which have been recording at all week  tweeted that she had been in contact with a guy who works with Conor and he had told her that their flight would be leaving at around 9 PM. So, I check Arlanda's website and the only flight (the last flight of the day to London) was departing at 9:05 PM. So, I thought that it had to be that one because there was this other flight that was leaving at 8:50 PM (which is around 9 PM) but it was a Norwegian flight at they don't have first class and the planes are kind of small, and yeah. But also I have been talking to a few other Mayniac's and they thought that since Conor have been here to record some music and it's probably his record company that pays for this trip then they are probably flying something nicer. I mean British Airways is a really good airline, like myself, if I can I will only fly British Airways. Yeah but the thing was also that British Airways departures from terminal 2 and Norwegian and SAS from terminal 5 and those terminals are 15 minutes away from each other. So you see my dilemma.

Anyway, I met them all! Though I wanted to meet Conor more I also really badly wanted to meet Jack too! I mean come on Jack Maynard! They were all so sweet! Like I still can't believe that it all happened. My idol, Conor Maynard! Like I am in love with him! This is just too surreal! When I saw them, I don't know like my heart started raising, I could barely speak but I think I handled it all pretty well (hahahaha, that is if you compare it all to my reaction afterwards). I told Conor that I am a huge fan, that I love R U Crazy. He was so sweet when I asked for a picture and hug. He said yes like it was an obvious answer. And when I asked Jack, OMG that man! Hahaha, he just lit up (well he smile anyway) and said "I thought you'd never ask!" I feel like he said it in a way that he knew who I was, but I don't think he knows who I am. But who know, he could be knowing me from twitter since I have been spamming him on twitter this week! Hahaha! I tweeted the picture of Jack and I and he RT! Like OMG! Then I tweeted the picture of Conor and I and the group photo (which Conor's girlfriend Victoria took with my phone!!!) and Abe RT it! I am like finally! I have been waiting for RT's all week! Yippie!

I am on Jack Maynard's timeline!!!

I am on Abe Garman's timeline!!!

When we took the group picture I thought that Saia wanted a picture with just herself and Conor and Jack but then Conor asked me if I wanted to be in it so I went up to him and stood beside and put my arm around him (which I do every time I take a picture with a celebrity, it's like an extra hug in a way). Then Abe went and stood beside me so I put my arm around him too (hahaha, you can see my jacket on his should since I was holding it in that hand). When they left, I said thank you for the hug and the picture, and I said thank you to Victoria for taking the pictures. Aww, Conor said that he hoped to be back in Sweden very soon and hopefully on tour then! It was so funny too because Jack pointed at Victoria and asked Saia if she knew who she was and she didn't I just said Victoria. After they checked in and they walked pass us again we said good bye to the one more time and I wished them a safe flight and Jack said thank you (awwwww).

Like I fangirled so hard after they left! Kept repeating OH MY GOD, I kept jumping up and down, I laid down on the floor in the terminal screaming, I kept shaking Saia by her shoulders. Like you know the regular fangirl stuff. I miss them, there is so much more I want to tell them. I am so happy that I got this chance to meet the like this when it was only Saia and I. With 1D or JB it would never had been possible.

your writer, Erika


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