A Household Name

Hi so I am back after a day off. LOL, no I went to a party last night. My friend Linda just got her drivers license so she decided to have a party because she was so happy. She was like "Dayum, bitch I just got my drivers license so Imma throw a party 'cause no one can tell me what to do now!" Hahahaha, not those exact words but she was really happy so she wanted to throw a party which she did. Congrats girl!

Today I went to Gröna Lund because they are celebrating 130 years to they had this offer today that if you had Gröna kortet you would get in for free and get on all of the rides for free. if you didn't have Gröna kortet you just had to pay 130 kr. That's a pretty good deal! Otherwise the admission is 100 kr and an all day pass for the rides costs 310 kr. I mean, I have Gröna kortet so it was like why not. I mean like why not, right? I ran in to two girls that met when I tried to find Conor Maynard when he was in Stockholm last week and I also ran in to a an extra from Partaj. But OMG, it was C-O-L-D. Fucking cold! I was freezing! Last time I was at Grönan it was too hot and today it was kind of almost too cold. Like can't mother earth find some good middle point and just it? Hahaha, I had fun. I mean it was okay. I wasn't laughing so hard that my stomach hurt. Grönan is not that fun but it was okay.

Next week, yeah, I am kind of booked. I going to be act in a scene for a movie coming out next fall, babysit Charlie, I have a meeting and I have to bake cinnamon buns for this christening on Saturday. Yeah I get to use my awesome baking skills. Mohahaha. I hope that the buns turn out all right. They probably will. I mean cinnamon buns isn't my expertise. I bake more cookies, cakes, cupcakes and that kind of stuff, you know. OMG, that movie I am going to be in (it's just a small part in one scene so it's not like I am going to become a huge star from this and that everyone will know they name Erika Eklund by this time next year. Hahahaha, we can all hope but I don't think that this little scene is going to make me a household name.

your writer, Erika


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