Stressed Out

Hi peeps! How are you doing? I am feeling a little stressed because I have so much to do this week. The stress just hit me today. I mean, I was going to in to the city because I was going shopping and then when I was on the train this feeling of having to forget to lock the front door just hit me. I mean I couldn't remember doing it because I was kind of stressed when I walked outside. But I kept telling myself that I did lock the door because I always do, I mean who doesn't lock their front door? I mean it is just insane not to! Yeah, so anyway, I couldn't shake that feeling because I couldn't remember if had locked the door or not but I went on with my business because I know that I always lock the door. I hurried through my shopping because I knew what I was getting (though I forgot one thing) and went back home and yes, all the worry for nothing, the door was locked. Hahahaha, I should trust myself a little more. Then I went on with my errands.

The other things that are making me stressed is that tomorrow I am shooting this scene for this movie that is premiering next fall/ winter and after that I going to babysit Charlie. Like tomorrow needs more hours! I am so fucking stressed. But the shoot is in morning to early afternoon and I am not going to babysit Charlie until 4 PM plus the producer promised me that we wouldn't go on longer than 2 PM because the lead actress had to be somewhere at three. So yeah, plus he told me when we talked last night that if I really had to be somewhere that we could shoot all of my shoots first. Well, he promised me and if we go on longer that then he said, I just have to leave because I mean I have to. I am looking forward to tomorrow in a way, the movie seems very weird and funny kind of strange but in a funny way. Add an other stress factor is that I have another shoot with Partaj on Wednesday well, it is just a couple of hours in the afternoon. Somewhere in all of this I have to squeeze in baking those cinnamon buns. I'll do that on Wednesday when I get home from Partaj, even thought I might not feel like it.

Hahaha, stressed I say. Hmmm, I mean if acting is what I really want to do then it's not going to get any calmer. It's just going to build up. I mean I hope. I mean, no I don't want to be stressed but I want to have more acting jobs, that is what I mean. The way to the top is never easy, is what they say and I am starting to see why. Hahaha. But it is also fun that I have so many things to do this week. I mean I have things to do other than just random plans and take each day as it comes. I mean basically doing nothing and having really no plans at all. Woop woop is for living life. I mean I feel more alive because I have stuff to do.

your writer, Erika


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