Mayniac Problems

Hi guys. So I was wrong about which hotel they were staying at but it doesn't matter because I found out which hotel it was. I wasn't that off because it was a Best Western hotel. Well, well. Alice (who has been helping me stalk Jack, Abe and Conor all week have) and I met a some girls that met Jack and Abe outside their hotel and they said that Jack said Conor and Victoria are staying at this other hotel that is not far from T Centralen. Now I am really unsure of if I should go to Arlanda tomorrow or if I should wait outside their hotel tomorrow. Like what to do here? They only thing I know for sure is Jack and Abe's hotel. I mean yes Jack told these other girl which hotel Conor is staying at but he could be lying or they could be lying. They seemed really friendly so I don't think so because before we all went home. We all went to the other hotel where Conor is supposedly staying at. So I am like fingers crossed.

My whole life has been dedicated to Conor, Jack and Abe this week. Hahaha, but what don't you do for the people you love, you know. Aaaah! Yes, I want to meet Jack and Abe to after having dedicated to much time this week trying to find them but Conor! Conor is Conor! Conor Maynard! Like I love him, I love Jack because he's Conor's brother but I am pretty sure I love him anyway because he's so lovely. Aaaah, but whait if I got to Conor's or Jack's hotel tomorrow and they are not there? Frustrated, fangirl problems!

your writer, Erika


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