Cody's Angel

I am sitting here and listening to Cody Simpson. My God, he is a God! 16 years old and this is truly just so fucking amazing! I can't believe that I haven't got this album until now but I have it now. I bought off iTunes because it was the only place where I could find the deluxe version since Target don'y deliver outside of the U.S. (the problem of not living in America anymore, we might have to change that, hahahahaha). I want a physcial copy of the CD, preferably the deluxe version. Hmm, I guess I hve some internet stalking to do. I really don't care how many copies I'll have of that CD since Cody is so amazing and I'll go far to show my support for him! I should do a buy out, yeah!

I was thinking about it the other day and I have been a fan of Cody for about three years now. I remember hearing iYiYi feat Flo Rida on Radio Disney and just fell in love with the song and with Cody! I have probably seen some of his videos on youtube before that. I know I have seen videos of Justin and Esmée before they even had released an album. OMG! I remember when Cody turned 14 I made this t-shirt, I didn't make the t-shirt I just made the print. I mean I cut four letters (C, O, D, Y for Cody) and spelled Simpson with this special glitter glue. OMG, I also made this sign that said something like "Happy 14th birthday Cody". It's on my blog somewhere and on twitter. Hahaha.

Here are some old posts from three years ago about Cody or relating to Cody: FamousCody SimpsonOn My MindRound of ApplauseHappy Bday Cody@TheCodySimpson T-Shirt #4UAll DayCody Simpson T-Shirt and Pins.

OMG! It's so much fun reading these old pots about Cody but also just reading old blog post. It's fun just to remember those days. What's different about the and now is that I love, is an even bigger fan of Cody now. It's just fun to read about everything that I did for him back then. I had totally forgotten about the birthday video I made for him when he turned 14. And, OMG, the happy birthday nails that I did! So dedicated. Hmmm, I am going to redo my nails tomorrow so I'll see what I'll come up with. Ooo, maybe I'll wear the one of my Cody Simpson t-shirts some day this week! Aaaa, I am getting all happy and ecstatic now! Simpzoner for life, 'cause he is my gentleman and I am his angel.

your writer, Erika


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