Mayniac Gone Crazy

WTF!? I was going to watch the latest episode of Americas Next Top Model but then I found out that Conor Maynard is in Stockholm right now and now I am too excited (aka in stalker mode) to concentrate on watching ANTM. What is Conor doing here? Like why didn't I know that because I would have had been at Arlanda waiting for him! I would have. Hmmm, maybe I need to hang out at Arlanda more often just in case you know. Just in case. I am freaking out here, like what is my baby doing in my hometown! What are you doing here Conor?! What are you trying to pull, babe? Tweeting some like that and letting me now why? That is just rude! Like I am freaking out here I need to find out why! Why baby why? Come on hun tell me what you are doing here?

I was talking to Åsa in the living room and went back to my room to check my phone and saw that I had a few message's on facebook from a friend who seemed to be freaking out about Conor. She said that he was in Stockholm, which got me confused and then I saw his tweet and now I am too completely freaking out! I am trying my best to find out why he is here. It is just perfect too that I am sick (I have a cold so it is not that bad it just feel 100 worse than it actually is). Like I have to work tomorrow, it's the last day of shooting Partaj so I want to work but I also want to meet Conor but at the same time I just want to lay in bed all day because I feel sick. But I rather meet Conor since I am not that sick. A cold always feels way worse than it actually is.

your writer, Erika


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