Hi hi, I just wanna make a quick check in because I wanna try to go to bed early because I have to get up early. An other day of shooting Partaj tomorrow. I love it, I have a ton of fun. Yes we work long days and never know when we will get to go home for the day. We only know when we have to be on location but it is fun and I like doing this. I hope that I get to do more of this in the future. I like how we all get along, the crew, the extras and the actors all together. No one is snobby or a diva. Well, there was this one girl, an extra, today who was kind of a diva. She didn't want to wear what she was given because she thought it was disgusting wearing someone else's clothes (!?). Then why did she apply for this job, if all she was going to to all day was complaining because she complained a lot yesterday too.

Sometimes I can get annoyed by how certain celebrities don't tweet for days or not update their instagram for days at a time but I understand them now because these last two days I haven't had much time to look at my phone. We work a lot and whenever/ often when we are shooting I turn off my phone so that it won't give off any sound. I mean how embarrassing would it be if my made sound because I got a notification because of something and they have to redo the whole take! Because of me?! No, mum, just no so lets turn it off just in case. I do leave it on at times but not often. Rarley. I mean yeah, I could just turn of the sound but to be on the safe side I turn off my phone plus then I won't waste any batteries.

Funny thing. An other extra and I was talking about what kind of music we listen to earlier today. Of course I mentioned Justin Bieber and One Direction. Then she mentioned that she had a friend that had two meet and greet tickets to Justin Bieber when he came here earlier this year. So my mind immediately started going through like a file of people from Swedish Beliebers that had been to any Justin Bieber meet and greets in Stockholm. I tried to think of anyone who had been to two. So I asked her who her friend was. She told me who her friend was and I was like (quietly I my head) this must be a girl from SB so I looked her up and showed her to the girl I was talking to. I asked if t was her friend and it was. Hahaha, funny, small world.

your writer, Erika


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