Just a Typical Weekend

Hi guys! How are you all today? Well. Idk. I am okay now, but I am just (I was) annoyed by the trains earlier today. SL get your shit together! There was some maintenance on the rails, which I get but please to that stuff when people are sleeping. It was just annoying. I thought that I was going to miss or be late for my workshop lesson this morning but I got there just in time. Thank God! I didn't have the much luck when I was on my way home. I had to take the underground to Akalla and I have never taken the line before. Not in that direction anyway. Long story short, I ended up taking the wrong train so all in all it took me over an hour to get home. Not so happy. It might have been my own fault but I blame SL for that shit. Stuff like that, when the trains don't run like they're supposed to, gets me motherfucking pissed off. Okay, maybe not that extreme but it gets me in a bad mood. It's annoying. But they're supposedly running on schedule tomorrow. Praying for that. I hate being late for school and work. Maybe not so much, but it's annoying. I want my acting lessons. It's fun, so I want to be there during the whole class.

RIXTON IS HAVING A SIGNING TOMORROW! Aaaaah! That means I am going to get to meet Rixton! That is super cool! I am so excited! A signing! But it's at 2 PM and the workshop ends a 1:30 PM but it's not far away so I'll make it there in time. This is exciting. I was hoping for this. I hope that  get a chance to meet Ella. I wonder if she remembers me? That would be cool, LOL. But I have one problem though. I do not know what to wear tomorrow. I mean I need to wear something that is comfortable and easy to move in for my acting class but I want to look good for Rixton. Aaaaah (the daily struggle)!

I just check the official website for RIX FM festival and Kim Cesarion has a signing at 1 PM but I can't go then since the workshop does not end until 1:30. But Zara Larsson has a signing after Rixton at 3 PM so I am definitely going to that one. This is going to be so cool.

your writer, Erika


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