I Am Here Now

Hi everyone! I just wanted get a post in before I say goodnight to the world and watch my shows. Or show. I finished watching Switched At Birth and started watching The Girlfriend Experience. It's okay. Artistically I think that it's very similar to House of Cards. Think about it. I am actually gang to try and get a post in every day. Maybe I shouldn't say that. I mean I most likely won't post anything tomorrow because I won't have time before work and when I get home I have to go straight bed because I have to get up early on Friday. Oh well. I am sorry thought that I haven't blogged this week. On Monday I shot this e-learning video for Socialstyrelsen and when I got home I had to work our. Yesterday I was super tired when I got home from school and I also had to work out plus do some homework. but I am here now.

your writer, Erika


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