Hi guys, so I finished Conor's book! Oh my God my life is over! Like huh?! I need more, I crave more of him. I want more Conor. Fourtunetly I have all of his music in my phone and I also got One Direction's book Where We Are for Christmas so I will begin reading that book tomorrow. I felt that I learned a lot about him as a person. I also feel like that there was a lot in the book that I didn't know but I have only been like a hardcore fan since last summer but still. I hope that I am all caught up now. Aah, I will have to go into fangirl mode tomorrow and dig up every little thing there is about Conor on this world wide web. If I could found when his flight from Stockholm to London left, believe me I'll find out the small hidden things. Hahahahaha…. that was just a coincidence, in a way. When Conor was here in September a Mayniac who met Conor tweeted when Conor's flight left because some guy who worked with Conor had told her. So that's how I found out.

That week I kept an extra eye on everyone who might know anything about Conor or had met him. Hahahaha. He mentioned some things in the book that I will try to look up. OMG this makes me sound like a crazy super talker fan! I am not a crazy super stalker, I am just taking an interest in my idol. I just want to see if I can find a few thing that he mentioned in his book. Like, just because I have Harry Styles address doesn't mean that I am jumping on the next flight to England, he's probably not home anyway. Hahaha, No but someone in ND posted a picture of Harry's house and the address. I am not sure it's the right address but when I googled it this gastro pub came up it not from the house. When I googled the gastro pub it came up as a suggestion with the name of the pub and Harry Styles. I am guess it's an indication that that might be the right place. No, I respect them to much as people not go there. If I would go there I just like some fans did in Conor's book, go there take a picture (maybe admire it for a minute or two) and walk away. I mean, I don't want to be rude and bother anyone. Lets say I'd go to Harry's place and he saw me and asked me to go somewhere else. I would walk away and feel embarrassed. I mean, embarrassed that I did something wrong. I such a huge fan of him and I am all for supporting him to 100% 24/7. So if I ever do something that he's not happy with I will be very sad. I am all for my idols being happy.

your writer, Erika


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