Hola mi amigos! How are you? I am good, except from the fact that I have become obsessed with the Fifth Harmony's Better Together. I mean come on! Like, wow! I just love it so much, and the spanish version Tú Eres Lo Que Yo Quiero. Also freaking amazing! I can't stop listening to it. I switch between the original version and the spanish version. Like, i want to listen to other songs but none of them are as good. Aaah, it will pass in a few days. Hahahaha.

Hmm, I need to do something about my tumblr. I mean I need a new theme, now it's all white and boring. I need something, like a splash of fun. I want it to be more tumlry if you know what I mean. Hmm. I mean I am not a big tumblr person but like I still want it to look fab. OMG, tumblr people look so fab. Like I want to be a fab tumblr person. Mohahahaha. No, I mean not "no" as in I don't want to more as in I am not. Ah, I can get there if I really want I mean anything that you want bad enough as you need oxygen to survive will come true. I mean 'cause if you want/ need it as bad as you need oxygen you just have to have it or you will break down and die.

your writer, Erika


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