Hello! So I am home after an other days work. I mean yeah, I worked this morning between 7 AM and 11 AM and then I worked tonight between 5:45 PM until almost 9 PM. Two totally different jobs. Maybe not that different. Hahaha. You just have to see for yourself. I mean My 7 to 11 (hahahaha, 7Eleven) job is just me and two other people handing out flyers for Tolv Stockholm and tonight I shot a thing for Settman på plats. Watch Settman this Saturday on SVT1 or on SVTPlay at 8 PM an you can judge for yourself. It's weird but I wasn't tired at all on set today. IDK but I mean I was so fucking tired last week when I sat in the audience for Settman. Well, well.

OMG so the pre-sale for Miley Cyrus concert in Sweden next year started today and GC (aka golden circle) is already sold out. GC is, hmm, well it's the best tickets on the floor. IDK know but they seem very desirable. I was thinking about getting GC but I guess I have to settle for an other ticket. Haven't decided yet. But I mean I have to go it's freaking Miley Cyrus!

your writer, Erika


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