Office Girl

Hi! I got my own office! Well okay I have had it all along but it is finally my name on the door. That is really exciting. But so far I haven't really used it. My colleague also have an office but both of us just sit down in the reception and work down there. 'Cause then we have some company.

It feels weird now that we are on our own. There are still a lot of thing that I feel like I don't know. But we do have each other to ask for help. The guy who taught us how to do this job quit Wednesday so there was a little celebration for him. I got to go on a little field trip and pick up some cakes. I don't understand this but office people fika so much it is crazy. One of the assignments that I have is to pick up fika every Friday for the big office fika that's every Friday afternoon. Okay no really minds fika. I mean it's fika!

your writer, Erika


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