Just A Normal Saturday

Hi guys how are you all? I am good. Or maybe that's a lie. A partial lie. My back hurts, around the shoulder blade on right side. But I can't determine if it's the muscles or my right lung because every time I take a deep breath it fucking hurts. But it's must likely the muscles. Because every morning when I sit infront of my computer I sit in this weird hunched back position with my computer right infront of me. So it is not so weird that my back hurts. Hmmm, I guess that this is what it's like being in your early 20's. Your back hurting all of the time. Damn you addicting electronics! LOL. Plus I am right handed so maybe that has something to do with the right side of my back hurting. Idk, I am not a MD.

The most random thing happened today. I met an old classmate that I haven't seen or spoken too since ninth grade. It was so weird! I was doing a food demo for Pringles at grocery store and when I was done and was going to throw away my trash I didn't know where to throw it. So I walked around like a question mark but then I saw someone that I thought I could ask. So I went up that person and it was someone I used to know. Actually we used to be best friends (then we had a falling out, whatever). It was like so weird, it was like OMG it's you! We used to be bff's and now we're completely stranger. Anyway she was nice to show me where throw away my trash. It was a weird random moment. Idk really. It was nice to meet her but still just very random.

your writer, Erika


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