I Have Changed

Hi guys! How are you? I am good, but my back still hurts though. Other than that I am okay! Wanna know a cool thing? I am going to be an extra in an ICA commercial again! Yeah! I think that it will air on TV either week 13 or 14. I can't tell you what the commercial is about because confidentiality agreements. But I will tell you this that I met ICA Cindy aka Joanna Eriksson who I have worked with before she I was an extra on Partaj. She was super sweet! Just as sweet as I remember her! She recognised me, which was super cool. She came up to me and was like "OMG! It's you. Wow it's been a really long time!" and then she gave me a big hug. Then we watched up a little which was cool! I also met Loa Falkman who plays the new ICA Stig! He was also super nice. OMG! Best experience! One of the best anyway!

LOL. I just remembered that I have a quiz on Thursday and that I haven't studied at all! Gosh! Who have I become?! When I went to college in Cali, the first thing that I did when I came home from school was my homework. I did't even eat or have coffee or anything before my homework was done! I was so dedicated to school, hmmm okay I was a little paranoid about loosing my visa but still anyway. What have I become? Hmmm it all changed when I started taking film studies classes at SU. It was freaking boring. I did my best! I fucking did what I was supposed to do, but apparently that wasn't enough. This time around at SU I am trying to do so much better! Or maybe not since I "forget" my formwork all of the time.

your writer, Erika


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