The Typical Erika Strikes Again

The typical Erika, buys a new umbrella, has a mini photo shoot in the kitchen. Has a signed copy of Isac Elliot's debut album, take a million pictures with it. LOL, pretty much my evening so far. Hahaha. But serisouly though, that is what I did. I mean I thing that it's fun to take selfies with cds. I used to do that more when I was a like 13-14 or so you know. IDK, the evidence is on my blog. 

I don't know why I took like a million pictures with the umbrella? LOL. Maybe because I think that I looked good today. Hahahaha. But seriously I am so weird 'cause I have these moments where I think that I am fucking hot. Hahaha. Like, I know I am good looking. But anyway, I was looking for a picture of myself earlier so I was scrolling down my photo stream and saw a picture and thought for a second "WOW! Who's that hottie?!" Then I laugh to myself because it was just a picture of me. Hahaha. Like, the only one I take pictures of is myself and so I don't know what I thought or who I thought it was. Hahaha, I am so weird at times.

your writer, Erika


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