Dare To Dream

LOL. So I rented this movie, Think Like A Man, today but I don't think I am going to watch it. I mean I don't think that I have time to watch it. Because soon it's Lotta på Liseberg and an old friend whos' a backup dancer for Mary N'Diaye is going to dance behind her tonight so I want to watch that. I mean it's always fun to see people you know/ used to know succeed in whatever makes them happy. Hopefully I'll succeed in something some day. I like a lot of things. I feel like the most successful thing that I have had the last few years was Have It Hollywood but I stopped that. I mean when I first moved to Santa Barbara I ha barely no internet at all so I couldn't blog at all for a few days. Then I just didn't have time because of school and all I have now is Erika's World. I mean this blog is not as demanding as as HIH was. I mean I used to update HIH at least 20 times a day. I mean when you're in college you don't have time for that. I mean yeah I guess you do it is just about how you prioritize your time. For me it was, school and TV. I mean when I came home from school I wanted to just do my homework, eat (OMG, yes, eat) and watch TV. I mean I went up at 5:30 and wasn't home until like about after 6 PM. So, homework, food and TV. Yup, that was my life. Okay, so I only had those long days twice a week. Hahahaha. But I mean HIH was a 24/7 kind of thing. You couldn't just skip two days out of the week. That was just not going to happen. Yeah.

Hmmm. I mean HIH was pretty successful. I like to think so. 80 000 readers a month, that's not bad. LOL. I though I was a big shot when HIH had 70 readers in one day. I thought that was huge for me. I mean since then Erika's World had never had that many readers in one day. LOL. Maybe I can try to get EW to the level HIH was on. I can dream can I. But if I did it once I can certainly do it again? Right or what you guys say. I did it, so I like to believe that I can do it again. Yeah, yeah. We all have dreams we want to achieve. Hahaha. I have big dreams for myself.

your writer, Erika


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