Kräftskiva 2013

Kräftaskiva 2013. Okay, three words to describe tonight: Never, Eating, Again. Hahaha. I am so stuffed. Feel so fat that I won't blame anyone if they asked me when I am due (I'd probably would get sad though but that's another story). No but seriously thought, so much delicious food. Okay it wasn't that much, maybe it was. It was the usual muchness that we usually have in my family at any family gathering. Hahaha. Seriously though, no joke. Plus there is always left overs. Well, I guess it's better to have to much than to little. 'Cause I mean to little would be awkward. It was fun, we were alot of people. Alot of people, hahaha, it's just because everyone has so many kids so people need to stop having kids for a while now or someone need to get a bigger place so that it won't be so crowded at Christmas, Easter and just any other holiday. Hahaha.

Pineapple pie that Sara made

I am excited for this weekend! Yeah! Tomorrow, I am going to Anton Ewald's signing and on Sunday I am also going to Anton's signing! Yeah. Hahahaha. This will be the sixth and seventh time that I meet him. OMG! Fun. Sometimes, I can doubt that I even like him, but then he pops up on the TV and I just melt. So, um, yeah I obviously do like him. Hahaha. I doubt that I like everyone at times.

Oooo, I am so jealous of Jessica and Sarah who are going to the Selena Gomez concert in Stockholm tomorrow. I should have had bought tickets when they first went on sale, when I saw that ad in METRO. Yeah, yeah! The thing is I am not that sad about it, when Bieber was here in April, OMG! Those three days I was heartbroken, even though I had already seen him about seven months earlier on the same tour. Gosh! I am so thankful that I got tickets to see One Direction. I don't want to imagine how heartbroken I would have had been then! No!

your writer, Erika


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