My Favorites

Hi guys! How are you! I am super duper happy because I picked up my ticket for This Is Us today! Aaaaah! Finally it is in my hands. It is surreal, they have a movie! My boys have their own movie! Like wow! I am super duper excited and incredibly proud of them! Aslo, Zerrie is engaged! Yeah, I am so happy for them!

So like almost every morning I take pictures of my outfit. Sometimes I post them on instagram and sometimes I don't. Anyway so I collect all of these pictures in a file on my computer so that I can look at them for inspiration later on. I don't know what to wear I can just loom at the pictures. Anyway so I scrolled through the file and found seven different outfits that I have worn these past few months. Like my faves from this year. Hahaha.

This is actually what I wore today!

What I wore today minus the slippers and the jacket :)

your writer, Erika


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