You are OFFICALLY my Sweetees! Get it! You know because Bieber fans are called Beliebers you are my Sweetees, with two ee's (instead of "ie", still pronounced the same way) becasue my intitals are ee. Cool huh?! But as soon as I posted that in SWD everyone started commenting their fandom names and they were so cool. Not everyone has something associated with they names. Some names that people posted were Belles, Dreamers (not name associated, I like that one and kinda which I came up with it first but I want something name associated) and Zarrisarna. What do you think? Is Sweetees a good name for a fandom? Each fan would then be a Sweetee. LOL. These are the things I am wishfully thinking about. Wishfully.

But since the fandom is called Sweetees, which has a sweetness to it kind of means I can't such a wild child. Hmm. Well, I am not so that is one thing that I can check off my list. LOL. There is a difference between being a wild child and having fun. Different types of fun and I'll get a awesome management that will cover up all of my mishaps. What else is management for? No, I don't know but. Sweetees is kind of a branding thing I think of who you are. I mean a reflection of who I am.

your writer, Erika


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