Happy first day of summer! How has your day been? Mine has been good! I went shopping! Yup, yes I did. I got a t-shirt at H&M. I saw it about a month ago and never bought (I loved it then too). Oh, yeah now I remember why I never bought it because it was like a few days before the 1D concert and I was like, thought to myself that I didn't want to buy it 'cause I want to be loaded at the 1D concert so that I could buy a bunch of merch. LOL, which I did. Okay not I a bunch 'cause as you probably know by now I am not a billionaire. Sorry if that shocked your illusion of me. But you know that I have to be honest. Anyway (enough with the fake crap) I bought a t-shirt, key change and a necklace. Anyway (again, keep getting of track), long story short, I didn't buy the t-shirt then 'cause I wanted to have money for the concert.

Seriously I at go to five different H&M's to find the t-shirt in my size! I would have ordered it online but it was out of stock there so I decided to try my luck in store instead. Some of the stores only had it in M and L. Gosh, I hate when you can't find something in your size or when the smallest size is the size lager then you usually wear. Me not likey. I found it at one H&M store on Drottninggatan in a size small, so I got it. I was like I'll settle for a small, even though it looked like a tent on me (it's a loose fit anyway) because I really wanted the shirt. But I still kept going around to other H&M's hoping that they might have it in a size XS. I went to the H&M store on Götgatan (it's emotional to walk into that store, only Directioners get it) and - yeah - they had it in a size XS. I just exchanged the S for a size XS. 'Cause I wasn't tent shopping, I was looking for a nice t-shirt.

Oh, talking about shopping, I went to a few Stadium's to see if they had that Adidas hat that I like. They did but unfortunately in a size large. It fits when I have braids but when I don't it's just going to hand there and that's not cool. Aaaa, I for got to go to the Adidas store. Hmmm, maybe I'll go there tomorrow and see if they have it.

your writer, Erika


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